Rules and Regulations

Every student is expected to abide by the following rules and regulations. Breach of any one of the rules shall result in disciplinary action including expulsion from school and higher secondary school.

A. No student will be allowed to enter the school premises without proper uniform.

B. Students must carry their identity cards throughout  the  school hours  and  show  it  on demand   to   any   teaching   and   non-teaching   staff member of the school (higher secondary school).

C. Students must have to attend classes regularly. In case of absence, an application will be required, duly signed by the parents. Short   attendance shall render the student ineligible for appearing in the annual examination.

D. Appearing in the preliminary examination is compulsory.

E. Organizing and participating in any function within the school     premises,   without   the   prior   permission   of the  principal  is  strictly prohibited.  Smoking  in  the school campus, eating of ‘Pan’, ‘Gutka’ and use of any other  narcotics is strictly prohibited.

F. Possession of any kind of weapons, creating unruly scenes and misbehaving with any teaching or non-teaching staff, are considered to be major breaches of discipline and shall result in expulsion from the institution.

G. Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones or similar devices to school.