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Terms and Conditions for Parents
  1. 1. Parents and student will strictly follow school Rules and Regulations given below and in brochure.

  2. 2. Parents will not resist vaccinations at school for polio, typhoid or any other disease approved and ordered by Government of Pakistan.

  3. 3. It is strictly prohibited to be cross with school staff, abusing or hurting them in any case may cause student’s name struck off from school register.

  4. 4. If parents withdraw admission with in a month after depositing all fees, only tuition fee will be refunded in that case.

  5. 5. No inter-campus transfer case will be entertained after student’s admission during current academic session.

  6. 6. After student’s inter-campus transfer, the fee structure of 2nd campus will be followed. (2nd campus means the campus to which student is transferred).

  7. 7. School visit will not be allowed during parent interview and child assessment/test days. Orientation session will be organized for parents after admission.

  8. 8. Academic session will be of 12 months. Fees will be paid for all the 12 months despite of any pandemic situation. Fees must be paid before the 10th of each month.

  9. 9. It is not appreciated for parents to form any social media group with other parents of same campus/class. Such efforts usually cause new problems instead of resolving issues.
    Using social media to distort school’s or school related person image is strongly discouraged.

  10. 10. Registration Form Payment are not Refundable.

Agreed with all terms