Audio-Visual and Internet Facilities in the Classroom

Teachers have the opportunity of using the multimedia and the internet in classrooms to enhance the teaching and learning process. The audio visual section provides various teaching aids to assist learning. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Urdu and English Literature videos are accessible to teachers and students.

Well-Equipped Science Laboratories

The science laboratories are equipped with necessary material for Matriculation, Intermediate and GCE ‘O’ level ATP examination. The O-level Campuses offer these facilities according to the standards recommended by the Cambridge board. Separate laboratories have been set up for Intermediate students.


The Usman Public School System libraries have a wide collection of books for both students and teachers. Each library is continuously replenished with the latest books to ensure the establishment of a reading culture. A huge variety of text books and reference books are available for the students to select from. Monthly journals and magazines are also stocked along with teachers’ resource material.

Well Equipped Computer Laboratories

The computer laboratories are equipped with LCD screens and audio- visual facilities. All students are given hands on computer training. UPSS emphasizes education through computers by encouraging students to carry out web-based research work for various class projects and assignments.