Teaching Faculty

The teachers of UPSS are a group of qualified, dedicated and professional men and women. They focus on the complete well-being of the students, working for their character development as well as enhancing their academic skills. For this reason, all our teachers, painstakingly pre-plan their lessons, incorporating the latest educational techniques for developing the desired attitudes and skills in their learners. They are constantly striving to attain high standards of moral and ethical values within themselves whilst promoting the same amongst the students. Their close rapport with the learners allows the teachers to serve as counselors and guides for them. The need for self- enhancement is an important part of the Usman Public School System environment. Thus, our teachers are constantly working to improve their teaching quality.

We have an ongoing program for enhancing the teaching skills of our staff through special courses offered by local institutes. In addition, on-campus workshops are conducted by our coordinators and guest teacher trainers. We also conduct Quran and Hadith classes for our teachers to provide them with a strong ideological base. All these measures help them in realizing their responsibility for the honorable task that they have undertaken and to fulfill it properly.

Professional Development Programs

A very important aspect of the Usman Public School System’s mission is to develop teachers so as to prepare them for educating children in line with Islamic principles. The professional development program customized for our own system are geared towards producing good Muslim teachers. The programs includes courses that guide the teachers on how to integrate Islamic values into all the areas of key curriculum.

In order to ensure continuous improvement in social and ideological areas, fifteen minute Hadith Sessions are held for the teachers during the assembly time. Moreover , Dars-e-Quran is held fortnightly. Yearly programs on special occasions like Seerat-un-Nabi, arrival of Ramadan and the two Eids are also arranged for the same purpose.

Usman Public School System excels in teachers’ professional education. The teachers participate in house campus workshop held fortnightly. Moreover, annual refresher courses are instituted to refine their teaching skills. The UPSS is a member of many renowned local teacher training institutes as well.

Coordination System:

Academic coordination is pivotal to our education system. The coordinators and facilitators ensure:

1. The curriculum pacing and implementation

2. Effective lesson planning

3. Application of strategies from workshops and courses

4. Effective Islamic Integration

5. Counseling and guidance of the teachers and students

6. An environment conducive for effective learning and Islamic development

7. The coordinators play the role of a friend, partner, guide, mentor and a counselor. The coordinators cater to the professional development of the teachers as well. In the weekly meetings, they gradually develop the professional competence of the teachers.

Integrated Islamic Curriculum

To instill Islamic values in the children, co-curricular activities such as Morning Assemblies, Debates and Sports are regularly organized.

In the higher classes, Fehm-ul-Quran and Hadith are stressed upon. Islamic history and Fiqh are also introduced in the Islamiat syllabus. Topics are carefully selected to build a sound moral foundation and to contribute towards strong character building of the students.